Only Golden Fingers Could Play So Heavy
Act Two - Adulthood
Scene One
To audience
IGood evening, ladies and gentlemen. Now that we're well into my life, I'd just like to tell you that I know you're out there. You've been out there now for twenty years. It's been six years since I last saw you. A lot's happened since then.

You probably remember that I was going to buy a guitar. Well, I did; at least my dad did. I learned to play that guitar and I could play it pretty darn well. But my real dream in life was not the guitar, at least not an ordinary six-string guitar. I wanted to be a bass guitarist.
When The Kid Gets Heavy
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 3/14/1974

All my life I've been so meek and mildly mannered
When I wanted to speak up I was always hammered
Till I made up my mind that the kid would get heavy
Female Chorus
Kings may come and kings may go
But rock will reign forever
Power lies in these bass lines
When the kid gets heavy

The clarinet was not the place for me to stay
So I picked up and learned the bass guitar one day
And I made up my mind that the kid would get heavy.
Female Chorus
Kings may come and kings may go
But rock will reign forever
Power lies in these basslines
When the kid gets heavy
I'm down on my knees
But I'm not pleading.
Playin' my bass if you please
'til my fingers start bleeding.
Female Chorus
Kings may come and kings may go
But rock will reign forever
Power lies in these bass lines
When the kid gets heavy
ISo there you have it. I learned the bass guitar and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much I thought, "I've got to get into a band." I knew that any band would want me because I was so good, but I didn't want to play in any band; it had to be the world's greatest band. So I grabbed my phone book and looked under bands, but there was no "World's Greatest Band." It was up to me to find it on my own.

Believe it or not, who did I run across but my old buddy Spike. You remember Spike. It seems he'd been gone for a while, wouldn't say where he'd been, I hadn't seen him for a couple of years. And, you know, we got along pretty well. We didn't used to get along but I guess he got over that. I suppose he just didn't like people. Anyway, he came up to me with the idea of forming a band. Imagine, my very thoughts. That was two years ago, and now we're at the top.
A practice room
IAlright, hold it!. That was terrible!
SpikeWhady'a mean, terrible? It was perfect. Just the way you wrote it.
II didn't write that "pop."
SpikeWhat "pop"?
IIsaac's finger popped. I heard it when he barred that "C" chord.
IsaacHey, man, it was an accident..
IWell, don't let it happen again. Ok, take it from the top. 1, 2, 3, 4.
They play for a while, then suddenly Isaac stops, Osgood follows suit, leaving only Spike and I going. Finally they give in and and stop.
IWhat the hell are you doing now?
IsaacMy fingers are beginning to hurt. And I've got to take a cigarette break. I'm about to have a nicotine fit. (he lights up)
I(disgusted) Alright, five minutes, but then non-stop. We've got a show tonight.
Spike(Calls to other room) Hey, sis! Bring me a beer. You guys want a beer?
OsgoodI'd like a lemonade. Can't stand beer.
SpikeWhat about you two?
II don't want anything.
Isaac(pats pocket)I've got my own.
OsgoodDon't forget my lemonade.
SpikeYeah, Yeah. (to other room) A lemonade, too.
Angela enters with beer and lemonade. Gives Spike his beer and Osgood the lemonade.
Angela(To Osgood) There you go, sweetie.
OsgoodAw, c'mon.
Isaac pulls out paraphenalia and begins to roll a joint.
SpikeHey! What's that?
IsaacJust some grass, whady'a think?
SpikeThere's none of that in this house. Put it away.
IsaacI shoulda got a beer.
IWell, times up anyway. We gotta get under way.
SpikeJust a minute. The news is on in a few minutes. I gotta see what they say about us.
He turns on the TV. There is the familiar electronic introduction and a voiceover.
VoiceGood evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is the six o'clock news, with Hardy Rochester. Brought to you each evening by Fender Guitars. "Fender: The most trusted name in guitars."
The electronic introduction continues
Hardy(somewhat upset)Alright, already, turn it off. (the music stops) Sheeze.

Headlining tonight's news is the Golden Fingers rock band, who are currently breaking all records in the music industry. Tonight is their final appearance in their 1974 tour. This morning we had the good fortune of speaking with I Mall, bass guitarist for the group.
On a screen we see Hardy and I
HardyTo what do you attribute your success?
IWe strive for perfection in every musical selection. Hey that sounds like it could be a song in itself. Each individual note is plucked from the piece and practiced for a solid three minutes until we achieve what is called "The Golden Sound."
HardyCould you sum up your career in one sentence?
IOnly Golden Fingers could play so heavy.
Immediately, the curtain opens and the band plays

Scene Two
Golden Fingers Theme
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 1/15/1975

We're the world's best rock and roll band
Listen to what I say.
If you came to see what was planned
Don't expect it to turn out that way.

Music fills every ear.
Its presence is never in doubt.
The sweet melodic lines you will hear.
Will seem to never run out.

Now you've seen and heard the best.
Can't believe your eyes.
So much better than all of the rest.
Stick with us if you're wise.
recorded applause

IThank you, thank you
applause dies down
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 8/24/2008

Is your lucky day
You get to hear me play
Declare a holiday!

You just can't get away
I have you in my sway
Not just another day

And now you'll hear
As you draw near
It's my year!

Is a special day
You got to hear me play
You'll never get away

Is not just any day
It's a holiday
Now let's just slip away

And you've just heard
The one true word
When I appeared
IYou know, I've got to tell you a little story. I've seen many bands in my time and they all have one thing in common: a bass player. Some don't have a guitarist, some don't have a singer, some don't have a keyboard man or a drummer, and, believe it or not, some don't even have a cello player. But I've never seen one without a bass player. Keep your mouth shut if you have. Anyway, the bass player is the most important member of any group. Therefore, since this is the World's Most Amazing Band, I must be the World's Most Amazing Man!
A Most Amazing Man!
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 3/25/1974

Am I not a most amazing man?
Am I not a most amazing man?
Here I am at the top of the world
And to me all the flags are unfurled
And I always have first choice of girls
What a most amazing man!
I'm a most amazing man!

Am I not a most amazing man?
Am I not a most amazing man?
Watch my fingers fly as I play my guitar.
Watch me at a party and I'll be a star.
Watch me come in first place when I race my car.
I'm a most amazing man!
I'm a most amazing man!

I have to agree when I look at myself
I know that I'm the best
And comparing myself with somebody else,
I leave behind all the rest.
How can I be so perfect?

I'm a most amazing man!
I'm a most amazing man!
Applause as curtain draws to a close

Scene Three
One year later
RodYou're really big time now, I.
IYeah, I didn't know how much that band could hold back my full potential. Imagine, just me on the stage and those people just eat it up.
RodThe big show's tonight. If this one's a success you're home free. Your album has already sold nearly a million copies and it's still two weeks from release. Capture this one tonight and we'll ship gold.
I(shows fingers) You can depend on these golden fingers for sure. (reaches into pocket) Like an M&M? (pops a couple into his mouth)
RodNo, thanks. I'm trying to diet.
IYou? Diet? I thought you were underweight.
RodIt's a new thing I'm trying. If I diet now, I won't have to diet if I get fat later. Some old doctor told me about it. Says he read it somewhere.
ISounds crazy. Who is he?
RodHis name is Orson.
IFrom California?
RodYeah, that's right. Know him?
ISure. He delivered me.
RodWhere to? Did he used to be a cab driver?
ICome on now. Sure you don't want to an M&M? Melts in your mouth.
RodYeah, I know all that garbage. O.K., I guess I'll fudge on my diet.
IBetter watch it. Those things are habit-forming.
RodI'll watch my step. (looks at watch) You're due on stage in a few minutes.
II'm up. Gotta piss first.
RodSave it for the stage. It'll set them on their ear to do something like that out there.
INaw. My dad always said, "When natures calls, don't refuse it."
RodMake it quick. Two minutes to showtime.
Here we hear a circus-like refrain something like that which is played at drive-in movies prior to showtime. A small parade of two characters dressed as clowns is accompanied by the music. They are carrying a banner that says "Two minutes to showtime!"
RodWhat the hell was that?
II don't know, but it sure scared the piss outta me.
RodGood thing, you wouldn't have time now. Just one minute to showtime.
Again the clown parade and music with the banner "One minute to showtime!"
RodWho hired these clowns, anyway? (to I) Are you ready?
IYeah, they're gonna eat it up tonight.(Picks up his bass) Here I go!
(heads for stage)
IGood evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad you came to see the World's Greatest Musician. (applause) I know I deserve your applause, but could you hold it back for just a minute? O.K., tonight's the final concert of this tour and it's gonna be great. Just give me your undivided attention with liberty and justice for all.
Only Golden Fingers Could Play So Heavy
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 1/26/1974

I first picked up my bass guitar at the age of seventeen.
I really wanted to be a star and I was playing clean.
After the first few notes, I could already tell that I'd be playing steady
'cause only golden fingers could play so heavy.

Crowds would gather when I played.
Sometimes so many they even paid.
They hadn't heard music any finer
Than that which came from my golden fingers.

I played in my first rock and roll band at the age of seventeen.
It didn't come off the way I had it planned, and so I split the scene.
I wrote some songs and I sang some tunes, and I knew that I was ready
'cause only golden fingers could play so heavy.

But life can't always be heavy;
Sometimes you've got to take it light.
But if I had my way
I'd play those heavy lines all through the night.

And now I've got it made, there ain't a cat alive who doesn't know who I am
And I play every night doin' my funky jive in a concert or a jam.
And if I wanted to, with my powerful sound, I could break down the levee
'cause only golden fingers could play so heavy

Crowds would gather when I played.
Sometimes so many they even paid.
They hadn't heard music any finer
Than that which came from my golden fingers.
IThanks. You know, we're all fools aren't we? Well, I'm a special kind of fool.
Rock and Roll Fool
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 1/6/1975

I'm just a rock and roll fool.
Never went to rock and roll school.
Always breaking the rock and roll rules.
When I play my guitar
I become a rock and roll star.
I know that fame and fortune can't be very far.

Jump up, Jump back, give it a chance.
I you know how, get up and dance.

I is my name;
Rock and roll is my game.
They tell me that a crowd like this is so hard to tame.
But I just call to the mass,
"Quit smoking all that grass,"
So that you can witness what has come to pass.
I suddenly stops
Did you hear that last lick? I surprised myself with that one. I guess nobody knows how good I really am. Not even myself.
Resumes playing and singing
Jump up, jump back, give it a chance
If you know how, get up and dance

So you can call me your rock and roll king.
Playing guitar with that rock and roll ring.
It's something you'll remember, that rock and roll thing.
Now here's a rockin' goodbye
To get you rock and roll high.
Rock and roll will live 'til I die.

Jump up, jump back, give it a chance
If you know how, get up and dance
IWhew! Really burned up my fingers on that one, hold it while I go back and get some water.
He leaves the stage. We hear a few boos and the sound of the crowd leaving. We he returns there are only two people left in the front row: Spike and Angela.
IHey! Where'd everybody go?
SpikeThey got tired of your ranting and raving about yourself. Face it, I, you're washed up. You've lost the golden touch (sings) You've lost that lovin' feelin'... (spoken) Sorry, got carried away.
IThey can't leave me. Where will they turn? I'm an amazing man, remember?
SpikeYou know why they left? You know what they're saying?
A Most Amazing Man?
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 3/25/1975

Isn't he a most amazing man?
Isn't he a most amazing man?
They say success has gone to your head.
They'd like to see you lying dead.
Your attitude surely makes them see red.
You're a most amazing man.
You're a most amazing man.

They have seen you're no amazing man.
They have seen you're no amazing man.
They have left you for someone who knows
How to control his tongue and ego.
Though their rise to fame may be quite slow
They are most amazing men.
Yes, they're most amazing men.

Someday you'll find there must be a new way.
One of these men will be coming that day.
You may even find him in the mirror.
Now Spike sings first verse again while I sings a plea in counter melody to the empty audience.
Isn't he a most amazing man?
Isn't he a most amazing man?
They say success has gone to your head.
They'd like to see you lying dead.
Your attitude surely makes them see red.
You're a most amazing man.
You're a most amazing man.
I am your king, please hear me sing.
Don't let me fall, give me your all.
Look what I've done, don't tear me down.
I am the star, better by far.
Than all of you here, please don't come near.
I am your slave, let me be saved
Release all my pain, start over again
I(Philosophizing) This may be one small downfall for I, but one great downfall for I-kind! (sniffs) They'll be sorry they lost the greatest thing they ever had. You won't have I to push around anymore!

Scene Four
AngelaNow, now. The world's not coming to an end. Not everyone has left you, there's still me. You've never paid much attention to me, but I've always been there.
IYou're right.
If It Wasn't For You
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 11/4/1974

If it wasn't for you
I know I couldn't make it through my life
If it wasn't for you
If it wasn't for you
You have a love that is true
And I know you'll make me a fine wife
You have a love that is true
You have a love that is true
Friendless, lonely, there I was,
A star no longer.
I've been brought down all because
I wanted to be stronger

I need someone and that someone's got to be you.
Though you've been there all along you're just like a dream come true.
If it wasn't for you
I know I couldn't make it through my life
If it wasn't for you
If it wasn't for you
You have a love that is true
And I know you'll make me a fine wife
You have a love that is true
You have a love that is true
Now I've seen where my faults lies
You've got to help me.
It's clear to me I've got to try.
I need the key, so tell me.
If it wasn't for you
I know I couldn't make it through my life
If it wasn't for you
If it wasn't for you
You have a love that is true
And I know you'll make me a fine wife
You have a love that is true
You have a love that is true
Change your life, change for me
You can if you try
You must to get by
Life is change, understand
Yes, I'll be your wife
Yes, I'll share your life
Isaac enters dressed as a panhandler with his palm out
IsaacDid someone mention change? I've run into some hard times lately and could use the extra cash.
IGet outta here. (he boots him off the stage) Leave it to that numbskull to bungle up the only serious scene in the play.
AngelaThere is a point there.
IYeah, the one on the top of his head.
AngelaNo, I mean that there are people around who have to do that for a living. Conditions in the world couldn't be much worse. There's got to be something you can do.
IThe only thing I can do is write, sing and play songs. How could that help?
AngelaMaybe you could write a "World Theme Song." Something that would inspire the masses into doing something.
IDon't you remember? I just inspired the masses to move out of the concert hall and I wasn't even trying.
AngelaThey'll move back over to your side if they see you've changed. Go ahead and write the song and see what I mean.
II've been toying around with that type of song lately; in fact I've written one I call "World Reform."
AngelaLet me hear it.
World Reform
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 12/15/1974

World's gonna change and I'm gonna change it.
Turn out the old, rearrange it.
We can't get by on what they dictate on high.

Reform! Be reborn!

Look out the window and what do I see?
L.A. smog coming after me.
My eyes are burning and heads are turning to me.

Reform! Be reborn!

I can't do it alone, help is on its way.
If you'll help me along, we'll see a new day.

Political upsets are getting me upset.
Branding our minds so we can forget.
The situation that exists in our nation means:

Reform! Be reborn!
As the curtain closes, we see Angela smiling.

Scene Five
Ten years later. I enters the front door
AngelaThere was a phone call for you while you were out.
IOh? Who was it?
AngelaA fellow by the name of Todd Rundgren. He called about an hour ago.
ITodd Rundgren ... Hmm.... Seems I've heard of him before somewhere. Wasn't he a producer several years back?
AngelaI think so; a musician on the side, too.
II hope he isn't going to try to get me to start playing again. That's all over. Did he say?
AngelaNo, just left his number. He's staying at the motel down the road. Why don't you give him a call?
IYeah, I guess so. What's the number.
AngelaI wrote it down by the phone.
IThis must be it. 543-1024?
AngelaThat's right.
I picks up the phone, punches out the number and waits for an answer.
IHello, this is I Mall (pauses)Oh, I see. (pauses) Sure, come on over.(pauses) Alright, see you then. (hangs up)He'll be over in a couple of minutes.
AngelaThat means he'll probably stay for dinner. I'd better get something ready.
IWhat'll it be tonight?
AngelaI think it'll be those steaks I bought last weekend. He should be quite impressed since not too many people can afford them these days.
IWe're not here to impress him. He's coming over to talk business. But just the same, don't burn them; I think that the usual ten seconds puts too much of a char on the edges. Try eight or nine.
AngelaBe glad to. You know how I hate to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
She exits into the kitchen. I goes over to the piano a few bars of Soap Box Story. Angela re-enters after the allowed fifteen seconds for preparing dinner.
AngelaWhat are you playing?
I(Absorbed) The piano.
AngelaI know that, but what song?
IJust something that came out. Maybe I can work it into something.
AngelaIt's very pretty.
A knock at the door.
IThat must be Mr. Rundgren. I'll get it.
I opens door.
Todd(sings) Hello, it's me
IGood afternoon, come in. Angela, Mr. Rundgren is here.
ToddCall me Todd.
Angela enters
IThis is my wife Angela, This is Todd.
ToddA pleasure (kisses Angela's hand)
AngelaWon't you join us for dinner?
IWhy, thank you. Indeed I will.
AngelaI was speaking to Todd.
ToddYes, thank you.
They are seated at the table
ILet's get down to business. What's on your mind?
ToddI'm sure you know this is an election year.
IRight, I'm already a registered voter.
ToddThat's good, but it's not important right now. What I came to tell you is that I'm running for president this year.
IWhy? Is it one of those pledge marathons? Well, you can count me out, he's not even my party.
ToddNo, no, no, no, no. I'm running for the presidency. I want to be elected.
IWhy tell me? I've got nothing to do with the election.
ToddI'm looking for a campaign manager and you sound right for the job.
IWhat makes me sound so good as a campaign manager?
ToddYou've got the notoriety I need to shove me to the top. I saw the results of your world reform crusade. If it wasn't for you...
I & AngelaHe's playing our song.
IOh, nothing. Go ahead.
ToddWell, if it wasn't for you we might not be sitting here today. With the threat of a nuclear holocaust at the back door ....
Suddenly, abruptly, I runs into the kitchen cutting off Todd in the middle of his sentence. After a couple of seconds, he returns quite relieved.
AngelaWhat's wrong?
II thought he said there was about to be a nuclear holocaust at our back door.
ToddJust a figure of speech.
IWell watch it with those figures, I nearly flunked school math.
AngelaI, will you quit clowning!
ToddAnyway, I'd like to point out how with your inspirational "World Theme Song" you caused the world to settle back in peace again. That's what I need working on my side.
IWhat party are you running for?
ToddThe Treed party.
ITreed? Never heard of it.
ToddOf course not. I just made it up this morning.
IWhy Treed?
ToddDo you know what a cat does when he's chased up a tree by a dog? He fights back! I feel that I've been treed by the politicians of this country and I'm ready to fight back. Will you do it?
ILooks like I've been Treed. Who's your opponent?
ToddLooks like it's gonna be Senator Davis from North California.
IHow about a running mate? You have to think geographically as well as politically on that one?
ToddI'm originally from Philly, but since I've relocated here in L.A. it looks like my best bet is someone from the South.
IMexico? Brazil?
ToddNo, I'm thinking more on the line of San Diego, but I don't know anybody in San Diego.
IWho does?
ToddMaybe I should focus my attention on Alabama or Arkansas.
IWhat's so special about those states?
ToddI've got some old musical aquaintances down there. Some fellows from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Oak Arkansas.
II can see the headlines already Todd Rundgren Easily Eradicates Davis!
ToddIt does sound good. Now all I need is a theme song.
ILet's try this:
Soap Box Story
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 5/15/1974

It's 1984 and time to vote once more.
For once you really do have a choice.
A wizard, a true star has raised his voice.

In music and in song he has carried us along
And he's conjured up a most devoted crowd.
Corruption in the states won't be allowed.

On the sixth of November you've got to remember
To go to the polls and vote.
I know you won't be sorry, with Todd there's no worry
And your hopes won't be so remote.

Utopia it's not, but with a vote for Todd
You'll find that it's one step nearer.
We need something, anything to stop fear

In music and in song he has carried us along
and he's conjured up a most devoted crowd.
Corruption in the states won't be allowed.

On the sixth of November you've got to remember
To go to the polls and vote.
I know you won't be sorry, with Todd there's no worry
And your hopes won't be so remote.
About the middle of the song the stage lights dim and a projector goes on showing crowds of people at Todd Rundgren rallies and also the newspaper headlines on the day after election showing Todd's victory. When the film and music is over, the stage is dark and the curtain closes.

Scene Six
AngelaHave you ever thought of getting Golden Fingers back together again? Reunion was very fashionable a few decades ago.
II've often thought about it, but always seemed to put it out of my mind. I really don't think it would work out. We had our differences and they were very real.
AngelaWhat differences? I think it sounds like a good idea.
II don't think I could get along with the other guys. You know how we argued all of the time. Besides, I think they're still sore at me for leaving the group to go out on my own.
AngelaBut you've changed, and they've changed. Remember what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. As a matter of fact, I spoke to my brother this morning on the videophone about it.
ISpike? Is he in town? Where's he staying?
AngelaHe's staying at the Century Motel, about a mile away from here. He'd said that he'd like to try a reunion. He came up with the idea in the first place.
IBut there's still Isaac and Osgood. They'll never go for it. I don't think there were into music all that much anyway. You remember how Isaac used to blow those leads all the time.
AngelaSpike's already talked to them. They agree it should be given a try. Isaac's really cleaned himself up and I guess he's really worked on his guitar lately. And Osgood settled down with a nice girl about twenty years ago and has got a couple of grown kids. They want to see him on the stage like he used to do so many years back.
II still don't know. We were hot stuff in the seventies, but this is the twenty-first century. That was over forty years ago. People just won't accept us.
AngelaDon't you remember what happened in the seventies, though? That was the nostalgia decade. People were listening to the music of the forties, fifties and sixties and liking it. We could start a new nostalgia craze.
IYou know ... It sounds tempting ... But I'm too old. Besides, who wants to pay good money to see a bunch of senile old jerks trying to re-create the seventies. Leave it to today's youth. I just couldn't take it.
AngelaCome on, now. They don't want to see imitators, they want to see the real thing. You could attract all the old fans and even new ones. You can't leave the scene completely without a big comeback. You owe it to the world to appear again.
IAlright, you talked me into it. Get a hold of Spike and we'll start to arrange the details.
Angela goes over to a small box laying on the table, inserts a small plastic disc and returns to I.
AngelaI've notified him on the radio-telomerated relay and he should be here in about fifteen seconds. They still haven't perfected the wardrobe machine at the motel and it seems he still has to put on his own coat or else risk serious injury.
There is heard a small chime and the front door slides open, revealing Spike, Osgood and Isaac, obviously much older than when we last saw them. As they walk through the frame, a buzzer sounds.
IHold it. The security alarm says there's something fishy going on. Have all of you been registered for clearance?
IsaacIt's probably because of my pet hamster. I take him wherever I go.
I(to Angela) I thought you said these guys had straightened out?
AngelaI didn't say anything about senility.
IOkay, come on in. Hmm ... You guys look as slick as a guitar lick.
SpikeWe've all been doing pretty well out there.
ILet's see how well we can do together again. "Reunion is total communion of souls," isn't that how the old saying goes?
IsaacNever heard of it before.
OsgoodHe ought to know. He was the head of the English Literature department at the Multiversity.
IWell, it looks like we've got a lot of catching up to do, but we'll get on with that later. First we've got to plan this reunion.
SpikeOne thing we've got to do is tip off the music magazines. They're always hot for a rumor of reunion among old groups.
IWe also need a promoter for the tour, someone who knows his way around.
IsaacHow about William Graham III? That type of thing seems to run in his family.
IO.K., I'll leave it up to you to get a hold of him.
OsgoodWe need a few new songs. The public might not settle for all the old ones.
IMaybe we can pen one or two, but the purpose of this reunion is to bring back the era of the rockin' seventies.
AngelaWhat will you charge for the concerts?
IThat would be up to the promoter, but I would imagine that tickets would run about thirty to fifty dollars each. That seems pretty reasonable.
OsgoodMaybe we could make it a benefit tour.
IsaacThat's right. We really have no need for the money ourselves.
IBut who will benefit from it?
SpikeWilliam Graham III, for one.
IsaacHow about the Los Angeles Home for Aging Rock Musicians? I've heard the royalties from the old rock records are really slowing down and they're in need for some financial assistance.
IThat seems like a good cause. Besides, we may end up there ourselves, someday.
SpikeIt's true that it's the most popular home in the United States. It gets pretty loud there sometimes. The musicians all get together and jam on Tuesdays. At their advanced age they're near deaf and they have to turn up their amps to full volume to even hear themselves.
IWhat do you mean "advanced age?" Most of them are no more than five or ten years older than us. At sixty-two, I resent being called an old man.
IsaacMaybe we can even have a re-issue of some of our old hits to remind people of the music of the good old days.
OsgoodWe can figure on a good total for the home.
He steps over to I's computer terminal, a standard in all homes. After a few seconds at the terminal, he returns to the group at the table.
OsgoodAt an established world population of fourteen billion, we can figure on a twenty-five percent turnout, and at an average of forty dollars a ticket, that means about one-hundred and forty billion dollars for the home. That should keep them out of the red for another five years.
IWe're gonna need a lot of practice. I'm afraid these golden fingers have tarnished a bit.
SpikeWe'll really have to come on like a lion. We can prove again that only Golden Fingers could play so heavy.

Scene Seven
VoiceGood evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is the six o'clock edition of the I.B.C. News, with Hardy Rochester II, brought to you each evening by Fender guitars. Your local music store will show you their fine selection of Fender guitars, starting at only two thousand dollars.
HardyLast night, the Golden Fingers rock band, famous for their hits of the nineteen seventies, reunited for the first of ten concerts in Los Angeles this week. Playing to a capacity crowd of three hundred thousand in the newly remodeled Forum, they were warmly welcomed as they played set after set of old and new songs. Though the concert lasted four hours, it seemed only a few fleeting moments as the enthusiasm of ther crowd grew with each note played. Shortly after the show, I had the good fortune to speak with bass player and leader of the group, I Mall. Here is a film report:
Above the stage we see the film
HardyWhat do you think of reunion and tonight's concert?
IOnly Golden Fingers could play so heavy.
We return to the studio
HardyThe group plans to tour the world, playing to an estimated three and a half billion people, through live concerts and closed circuit appearances. The tour, planned to run for two years, will bring proceeds of one hundred forty billion dollars which will be donated to the Los Angeles Home for Aging Rock Musicians. And that's the six o'clock edition of I.B.C. News. Tune in at seven o'clock for an update of the national and world news.

Scene Eight
The Final Reunion Concert
WG IIILadies and gentlemen, here they are in their final concert appearance, Golden Fingers!!!!
Reunion Chorus
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 10/17/1974

Back together again
Back together again
When we play, people say that we'll win
Back together again
A King's Farewell
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 10/17/1974
King's don't reign forever, got to die.
Time is short, my river's running dry.
Flashbacks, comebacks, laid-back I is through.
In my life I hope I've entertained you.

And now the time has come
To step out of the light.
The band has all gone home,
Finished for the night.
My reign is through, it's true,
I've reached the end.
But rock will carry on
And goodwill it will send.
Homage to a King
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 10/17/1974
Female Chorus
A chorus in the front row of the play's audience stands up and sings for this selection. They are meant to represent the crowd at the concert. Audience participation is urged on this number.
The band plays this number, and a mirrored ball floods the area with specks of light. I looks around in amazement and tears well up in his eyes.

Scene Nine
I is alone back stage except for a small boy he discovers playing with a guitar
IHi there, pal, what are you doing here? (no answer) You must have wandered away from your mother. (hears footsteps) Here she comes now.
Rocky's motherYou found him! Thank God! I lost him in the crowd.
IHe was backstage, playing with the guitar.
Rocky's mother(laughs) I should have known. He seems to have been interested in music since he was born. (to boy) Come on, now.
IFine looking boy. What's his name?
Rocky's motherRocky.
Immediately we hear the Finale at the ninth bar, the first eight having been played during the above discourse.
Finale: The New King
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder - 10/23/1974

End of Act II
End of Play